Natasha Kraevskaya (1972) explores a common man’s desire for beauty and sublime that was challenged by the economic and cultural conditions of a post-communist reality. Known for her papier-mâché and concrete sculptures, objects and acrylic painting that combine neo-pop art approach with punk, trash art and arte povera, she also recently made a name for herself with a conceptual examination of late Soviet “Lenin cult” in her Manifesta 10 project in collaboration with Ilya Orlov. Kraevskaya's works are often humorous and provocative, making viewers smile and think as well. She lives and works in St. Petersburg, Russia.

"I am interested in the process of exchange between the profane environment and cultural archive - beyond the position of any arrogant antagonism; not frightened of beauty as a manifestation of satisfied needs or of proximity to kitsch. Indeed, I find the kernel of truth and reality there. The common idea of beauty nourishes the substance of ersatz-culture, which is universal in its displays, does not contain a message, mute, and represents only a “decorative element of a profane environment”. Kitsch is international – in the common consent of the people, who satisfy their desire for beauty and the sublime - in an accessible, understandable form. My desire is to change its borders. This task is documentary and biographical. I work with symbols which are native to an ordinary spectator, and these symbols become a medium to pose my questions, reminders and a means to demand attention".

"New art forms are created by canonization of low art forms." V. Shklovsky

2016 - From Urmia to Berlin
The Third Space, Helsinki, Finland
2015 - Cave of Fear project
Intimnoie Mesto (Intimate Place), St. Petersburg
2010 - Chain of connections
Anna Nova Gallery, St. Petersburg
2006 - Pussy or Impossible Beauty
The State Hermitage Museum’s International Youth Educational Centre, St. Petersburg
2005 - Chic
La Bertesca-Masnata Gallery, Genova, Italy
GROUP SHOWS (selected)
2017 - A Romance with Revolution
ACC Galerie, Weimar, Germany
Museum of Nonconformist Art, St. Petersburg
2017 - Kanonerskу Island Environmental Biennale 2
Kanonerskу Island, St. Petersburg
2015 - Open Space Observations
Divnogorie, Voronezh
2015 - Kanonersky Island Environmental Biennale
Kanonersky Island, St. Petersburg
2015 - What about love?
Lucy Lippard feminist workshops, St. Petersburg
2014 - MANIFESTA 10 (with Ilya Orlov)
A Revolutionary Museum After Ideology
2014 - In Translation
NCCA, St. Petersburg.
2013 - Dinner is Served
The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg
2012 - In Fetters of Fame
Stella Art Foundation, Moscow
2010 - Art Helsinki
Helsinki, Finland
2010 - Art Moscow
Moscow, Russia
2010 - Orientation in space
The State Museum of Urban Sculpture, St. Petersburg
2005 - Female positions toward sculpture
Area 53 Residency, Vienna, Austria
2005 - Taidepapilla art center Summer Exhibition
Kuhmalahti, Finland
2004 - Yelki-Palky (Holy Smoke)
Fine Art Gallery, Moscow
2003 - The Garden of Eden
Anna Akhmatova Museum, St. Petersburg